FBY is a modern approach to the ancient art and science of yoga for the next generation of urban yogis founded by DJ and Yoga junkie Jessica Skye.

The FBY mission is to clear the mystique of yoga and provide an accessible and fun approach for all levels ranging from yoga virgins, rookies to pros.

 FBY welcomes good vibes and open minds, it never takes yoga (or life) too seriously but uses and teaches it as a tool to look after your mind, your body and keep the balance between modern stress and hedonism with healthy and positive living.

 No two classes are ever the same as each session is matched to the ability and energy of the room. However the classes will always focuses on a deep and dynamic practice, balanced with finding some inner stillness and calm to leave you feeling stronger, more supple with a heap load of zen.

So whether you’ve been practicing for years or are yet to break the seal, whether you want to release tension, find peace or simply look good naked… FBY may be just what you're looking for.


Tuesday Evenings 19:00 - 20:00 @ The Black & White Building £8.50 (All Levels)
Sunday afternoons 13:00 - 14:00 @ The South Place Hotel £10.00 (All Levels)

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* Drop-ins are cash only.

** Please arrive at least 5-10 mins before the class starts.


Find more Fat Buddha Sessions here: http://soundcloud.com/fatbuddhamusic